Mora Godoy, Personalidad Destacada de la Cultura

Mora becomes Outstanding Personality of Culture

Buenos Aires City Goberment declared Mora Godoy "Outstanding Personality of Culture" of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, in recognition of its great trajectory and the spread of our culture throughout the world..

Mora Godoy

Mora Godoy danced at the party a Russian Fortune

It was without a doubt one of the most exclusive parties of the year. During the night, Mora surprised everyone with hers choreography. The dancer was accompanied in the dressing rooms by actress Margot Robbie, singer Rita Ora, model Olga Kurylenco and the famous French singer Zas, who promised to compose an exclusive tango so she can dance it.

Mora Godoy and Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman's "compliment" for Mora Godoy

Celebrities from all over the world gathered at the feast of a Russian Fortune who surpassed all expectations. At the end of the presentation, in which everyone was in charge of the director of "Moulin Rouge", Baz Luhrmann, Jackman approached the dancer and said: "You are the woman with the fastest legs in the world". More info (in spanish).

Mora The New Star of China TV

It is already 12 times that Mora Godoy was in China. But this is not just another visit: the renowned tango dancer will be the guest star and jury of Born to be you five, a program that will be broadcast by Zhejiang TV, which leads lighting in more than 50 cities in the Asian country, with more than 500 million viewers.​

Mora Godoy

Mora is a Member of the National Academy of Tango

In 2008 she was appointed Member of the National Academy of Tango by the unforgettable Horacio Ferrer.

FIA in Costa Rica

Mora and his Tango Company inaugurated the Festival of the Arts 2017 In front of 50 thousand people in the Plaza de la Democracia, President Luis Guillermo Solís with more than 50 thousand people in the Plaza de la Democracia.

C.A.M.E. Women Entrepreneurs

The Asociación Argentina of growing companies distinguishes Mora for his successful business and artistic career.

Friends Association of Av. Corrientes

The Minister of Culture of the City of Buenos Aires paid tribute to Mora for his constant diffusion and contribution to the art of Tango.

Mora Godoy fulfilled her dream of being a cake

The tango dancer participated as a jury of the reality show "Cake Boss" and was converted into real size cake of the Tango Queen.

Mora Godoy, Record Guinness

Mora Godoy set a new Guinness World Record on Monday night for the "highest" tango performance ever: she danced at 60,5 metres above ground on a suspended platform which was held by a crane placed near the Obelisk, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mora Godoy danced with Jose Lugones.

Presidente Obama dancing tango with Mora Godoy

President Obama dancing tango with Mora Godoy

President Barack Obama takes to the dance floor at a state dinner in Buenos Aires. Obama was invited to dance the tango with celebrated dancer Mora Godoy. First Lady Michelle was not left out, and was led through the steps by a male tango dancer.

Mora and Liza Minelli

Mora danced in a couple of times for Liza during the visits of the super star of Hollywood to Argentina. "The first time she came to Argentina was in my show, and the second time she asked to see me again and there she tried to take a few steps. It was so exciting that a great artist like her and whom I deeply admire interested in what I do, and I wanted him to show her a few steps. It was amazing to see her enjoying the dance and the interest she put in every step", says Mora.

Mora and Rolling Stones

The RS performed in Buenos Aires as part of the "A Bigger Bang" tour and enjoyed a unique and exclusive show for them. Captivated by the 2x4, they were encouraged to improvise a few steps of Tango after the show.

Mora and Barenboim

On December 31, 2006 she danced with the orchestra of the great Daniel Barenboim at the Obelisco in Buenos Aires. Special Gala that was broadcasted live to the world.​

Mora Godoy Tango Remix
Mora Godoy Tango Remix
Mora Godoy Tango Remix

Annual charity dinner 2016 Boca Juniors

Mora Godoy Tango Remix performed at the Annual charity dinner 2016, hosted by Boca Juniors.

Mora Godoy and Carlos Tevez

Photo: Instagram Mora Godoy