Mora Godoy represents the best of tango-dance. She brings together distinction, elegance and interpretation of tango, that expands all over the world.

Dancer, choreographer, director and producer, she created memorable works as Tanguera, Chantecler Tango and Bailando Tango Remix. Mora Godoy has been multi awarded in Argentina and abroad; an artist who has stand out as symbol of argentinian tango.

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Critically acclaimed and applauded by the public in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, China, Russia, Israel, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Finland, Italy, Spain, among others.

Queen of the Night, Mora Godoy is the center of most of the duets where she unleashes her grace, sensuality, even offering his 'boys', a series of seduction worthy of Rita Hayworth in Gilda.

Le Figaro Paris

How not to be moved when Mora Godoy appears on the scene? Godoy is considered the best tango dancer and choreographer today.

Le Huffington Post Paris

Mora Godoy is the Obelisco of Tango. The axis on which the show turns. On the planet, there is no other tango dancer than exceeded her.

Radio Continental Buenos Aires

We declare Mora Godoy The Queen of Tango


She, Mora Godoy, is all passion and virtuosity


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